Announcing Wall Street Green Digital: A Worldwide Conference

May 15, 2024 | Email Blast

Wall Street Green Digital | October 15, 2024

What Started on Wall Street is Going Worldwide

Peter Fusaro is the founder and president of Wall Street Green. For over 23 years he’s run one of the most well-regarded climate tech and sustainability forums. He’s been at the forefront of convening the best practitioners and the best investors in all things climate and sustainability.



Because Climate is Everybody’s Business

On Oct 15, 2024 Wall Street Green Digital will be born. It’s a 12-hour worldwide virtual event connecting climate-tech stakeholders from all over the globe.

Featuring 50 climate experts across various disciplines, WSGD will offer cutting-edge opportunities to get smart about everything from wind and solar to hydrogen and carbon capture, sustainable agriculture and fashion, biochar, blue oceans, and more. At WSGD, good business means a better planet.

For attendees, it’s a chance to gain a sweeping view of the road to Net Zero and to network with the top leaders in their fields. For sponsors, it’s a chance to showcase innovations and solutions, in an environment that encourages the prosperity of the green industry. Sponsors will have a home at the event, both on our stages and in our unique virtual exhibit area that fosters long-term investment and connection.

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