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Climate is everybody’s business. Let’s do it together.

Welcome to Wall Street Green Digital

A visionary and expert in all things “green”, Peter Fusaro began Wall Street Green 23 years ago in NYC.

On Oct. 15th, 2024 we’ll be taking his vision global. Wall Street Green Digital Summit is a 12-hour-long, marathon worldwide summit that brings practitioners, investors, and the green-thinking startup community from all over the world to convene through the magic of virtual.

From Singapore to Saskatchewan, from Sydney to Seoul, we’ll be featuring the products, services and ideas to help the planet and the green economy thrive.

The Summit is powered by our unique Capital Introductions Program where investors and managers are matched for investment and business success.

WHY: Wall Street Green Digital

Climate change knows no borders, and its effects are felt universally. In our interconnected world, the imperative for green initiatives to be global is paramount.

Investors play a pivotal role in this transformative journey, as they not only inject much-needed capital into green initiatives but also hold the power to shape the trajectory of the global economy. Forward-thinking investors recognize that the new green economy is not just an ethical choice but a savvy one, with considerable returns on investment.

Those who invest in sustainable initiatives position themselves at the forefront of a burgeoning market, fostering innovation, job creation, and resilience. It’s not merely a moral imperative but a strategic one.



Who Should Attend

  • VCs and Investors
  • Family and Wealth Managers
  • Startups in the Green Economy
  • Government Officials from all over the globe
  • Corporate Sustainability Officers
  • Media


What We’ll Explore


Women and Clean Tech
Developing Countries​
Smart Materials​
Achieving Net Zero 
Accessing Climate Risk​
EV Infrastructure​


Energy Storage
Hydrogen Solutions​
Nuclear Energy​
Wind and Solar


Risk and Compliance
ESG Reporting
AI and Green Initiative’s​
Banking Finance Strategies


Financial Markets
Fund Strategies
Carbon Trading
Investment Vehicles​
Best Practices for Green Wealth Building ​


Residential and Commercial
Digital Twins ​
Climate Change Mitigation​
Clean Transportation


Ocean Tech
Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Packaging
Nature Based Solutions
Smart Materials

Digital Event

What to Expect


Practitioner-Led Panels

More than flag-waving and green-washing you’ll hear from the leading practitioners in their respective fields.


World Wide AI-Generated Networking

In addition to panel sessions, there will be multiple networking sessions, all AI-driven to make sure you meet the right people, one-on-one. .


Cultural Tours

Get a Close-Up Look at How Different Regions Are Meeting the Climate Challenges


An Immersive Online Environment

Not your traditional Zoom meeting, we’ll be meeting in a state-of-the-art production facility that gives every attendee a front-row seat.